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We specialize in Fixers Uppers in Sacramento.
We want to be your Go To Cash Investor for life

Fact: We have paid over $500,000 in Commission

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How the Agent Program Works

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    Step 1: Submit The Property Address

    Submit the address to the property you need to sell. We will call you within 24 hours to obtain more details about the home. We buy the homes as-is, in any condition up to $500,000 price point.

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    Step 2: Schedule One 20-Minute Walk-Through

    I will meet you at your client’s home and do a quick, 20-minute walk-through. This will be our formal inspection. We will confirm the condition of the home. You will receive our offer on-the-spot.

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    Step 3: Pick The Closing Date

    Accept our offer and consider your listing sold. Your client can pick their closing date. We can close as Fast as 7 days or few months.

We already have paid over $500,000 in Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about transparency and the best way to show transparency is to share our knowledge with future and potential customers.

  1. Do I Represent both Seller ad Buyer?
  2. What types of houses do you purchase?
  3. How do you calculate offers?
  4. Does your home need a lot of work or is your house perfect?

A good name is ...

We believe that a good name is better then riches and gold. And through the years we have be able to create relations and partnerships with organization that stand for the same values.

-- Sergei Kucher, CEO at Property Sales Group

You are representing your client, the seller, and are bringing in the buyer Property Sales Group.

Because we don’t charge commissions or fees, you can keep our commission as well or credit it back to the seller.

*** Our Licensed agents represent Property Sales Group and BKSP Properties LLC only.

We purchases only Buy and Flip residential homes, condos, duplexes, multi-family buildings, and townhomes in any condition.

We purchase houses in the following areas: All of Sacramento County, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, Placerville, Lodi, Galt, Davis, Dixon, Woodland, Yuba, Vacaville, Fairfield, Vallejo, All of Contra Costa County.

We do not buy mobile homes.

*** Our Licensed agents represent Property Sales Group and BKSP Properties LLC only.

We at Property Sales Group make our offers strictly according to what the market will support for a cash investor.

*** Our Licensed agents represent Property Sales Group and BKSP Properties LLC only.

If your house needs repairs or is outdated, it is important you take into consideration the costs of remodelling a home to today’s standards.

The new Title 24 laws are very strict and require for most of the Electrical and Plumbing to be updated throughout the house.

We calculate the homes offer by evaluating the home’s location, condition of the roof, windows, HVAC System, Exterior, Interior, Kitchen.

As well as Bathroom, Electrical, Plumbing, Square Footage, Bedroom and bath count, lot size, year built of the home, marketability, nearby comparable houses, weighing the pros and cons of your neighborhood.

Is Property Sales Group the right buyer for every client?

No, we may not be the best solution for a client who wants a top-of-the-market price for their home, but we’re the perfect fit for a client who wants speed and flexibility.

If your client is looking for convenience, simplicity, and a 100% stress-free home sale, you’ve found the right partner.

We understand (as you do, too) that some clients have the time and resources to go the traditional route when selling their home.

Other clients don’t.

They may be facing medical issues, a death in the family, or simply need to relocate quickly.

Property Sales Group is for clients who need to sell their House Fast, Hassle-free, AS-IS, avoiding repairs, showings, inspections appraisals and loans.

*** Our Licensed agents represent Property Sales Group and BKSP Properties LLC only.

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